Merlina Marcan is a thinker, a visionary, a pioneering explorer and seeker of truth. Her 10 year research as a Citizen Researcher, has led Merlina to incredible discoveries, which include thousands of amazing photos of Cosmic Beings, from outer-space civilisations , Extraterrestrial and Spiritual Dimensions. For close to a decade, Merlina has pioneered in the Orb Phenomena, what others would call her work undoubtedly controversial. Her work is now growing public interest and awareness with her amazing visual discoveries and pioneering hypotheses to give new evidence that WE ARE NOT ALONE!


Merlina finished her studies of Pathology and Microbiology at the Institute of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

After her initial training at the Sydney 

General Hospital in the late 1970's,  she did further training in hospitals and private  clinics overseas in Europe.

Merlina is Founder of the "MFT METHOD"

Through her cutting-edge "MFT METHOD", Merlina has been able to capture images of 'life beyond our reality', and to process an understanding of the 'hierarchy levels' that can be found in the Orb Phenomena.